Four times over drink-driving limit on way to school pick-up

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 07, 2023 |

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A woman in Canterbury has been caught four times over the drink-driving limit on her way to do a school pick-up.

On their Facebook page, Canterbury Police said they are “extremely disappointed” by the incident.

“Police often get asked why we do checkpoints during the day and this is an example of why,” the post said.

“We can’t stress enough the risk that you put yourself and others in when you choose to drive while intoxicated. The community can expect to see us to be anywhere, anytime when it comes to Road Policing as we work to try prevent harm and death on our roads,” the Facebook post went on to say.

The woman has been charged with driving with excess breath alcohol and is expected to appear in court next month.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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