“Kids traumatised & screaming” woman recounts last night’s teen stabbing

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 13, 2021 |

A Christchurch woman who was one of the first on the scene at last night’s fatal stabbing says she is still in shock over what she saw.

Christchurch Police have launched a homicide investigation after a 16 year old boy was stabbed to death last night in Fendalton.

Two other boys remain in hospital in a moderate condition.

The woman who we have agreed not to name, said she received a text message from her niece who had friends at the party.

Her niece told her what had happened, that kids were injured and that she felt she was in danger.

The woman and her partner jumped in their car, and travelled from Linwood to the scene of the stabbing.

“When we arrived on the street, there were multiple victims, lots of blood and no adults.”

The woman said she attended to two of the male victims at the scene, who had been involved in the stabbing.

“I held pressure to their wounds and kept telling the boys that help was on the way.”

“There were so many kids there, it was a high risk situation,” the woman said.

The woman said that her and her partner did the best they could given the circumstances.

“There were lots of kids traumatised and screaming, there were no adults at this stage other than me and my partner.”

“I’m still in shock, I just went to the laundromat because I had blood all over my shoes and clothes,” the woman told Chris Lynch.

No arrests have been made and police are still looking for those involved.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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