“Truly caring man” son of man fatally stabbed describes his dad

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 23, 2022 |

The son of a man who died after being stabbed multiple times has described his dad as a “truly caring man.”

The man was attacked allegedly by an 18 year old man on Monday last week, while walking his dog through Bexley Reserve.

His son told Chris Lynch his dad “was a truly caring man and would help anyone. He loved everything outdoors.

“All he talked about was being able to retire and he only had just managed to do that.”

His son said “it is hard to believe there are people out there who do these disgusting acts.”

The victim has name suppression which means his family can’t be named.

A family friend, who helped make a Give a Little page said the community was trying to wrap as much support around the family as possible.

On a Give A Little Page the family said “on November 14th dad was seriously assaulted while on his morning walk. We discovered him critically injured when his dog returned home without him.

Dad has been in Christchurch hospital since undergoing multiple surgeries and fighting for his life, he devastatingly lost that battle on Tuesday.”

The family said “We are raising funds for our immediate financial costs.

We have dropped everything to be bedside with dad and want to be in the position to grieve without the weight of financial stress on top of an already unfathomably difficult time.

And for the costs involved in a funeral and send off for our wonderful dad and grandad.”

Christchurch Mayor Phil Mauger said “my heart goes out to his family who have lost a loved one under tragic circumstances.

When asked to comment on the increasing violence in the city he said “the Council’s first priority is making sure all people feel safe when they visit the central city and we are, and need to, continue working collaboratively with other agencies to find a solution to ensure this happens. 

Aggressive behaviour and intimidation is unacceptable and Police should be informed immediately when this occurs.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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