Edmonds pastry range discontinued after 125 years

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 09, 2023 |

Edmonds’ pastry products have been discontinued because of commercial viability concerns.

For over a century and a quarter, the Edmonds brand has been a staple in New Zealand’s culinary landscape.

However, with its ownership in the hands of Australian company Goodman Fielder, a decision was made to exit the pastry market, a move officially enacted in June.

Last year, Goodman Fielder also discontinued its Ernest Adams brand.

The frozen pastry line, comprising flaky puff, savoury short, sweet short, and butter puff options, will no longer be available.

A spokesperson said “Goodman Fielder remains committed to nurturing the Edmonds brand’s connection with home bakers and cooks, as evidenced by the recent introduction of Edmonds’ latest cookbook, “Taku Puka Tohutao Tuatahi.”

Edmonds’ Taku Puka Tohutao Tuatahi is a fully illustrated cookbook aimed at children taking their first steps at independent cooking and a learning tool for te reo Maori language learners.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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