Dunedin Hospital closed to visitors due to Covid-19 risk

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 02, 2022 |

All wards at Dunedin Hospital have been closed to visitors.

In a statement, the Southern District Health Board said “due to an increased COVID-19 risk and pressure on hospital capacity, visiting restrictions are being tightened to protect our vulnerable patients.”

“We understand that this will be distressing for patients and their families, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate you supporting our health care team to keep our community safe.”

“Visiting is available under compassionate grounds.”

Current visiting restrictions remain for all other areas with patients to the Emergency Department and Outpatients allowed one support person (dependent on which area a patient is attending).

The Southern District Health Board is urging the public to contact Maternity services and Children’s Ward for specific visitor information.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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