Update on missing dog who ran from Lewis Pass fatal crash

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 09, 2023 |

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A dog tracker with an incredible reputation for finding missing pets is helping search for a much loved family dog that went missing after running from the scene of a fatal crash.

The crash happened at 4.45PM on the 2nd June on the Lewis Pass at the Shale Peak Stream Bridge.

Culverden resident Hailey Palmer, her partner and their baby survived the crash.

The driver of the other car died at the scene. His car was seen driving dangerously, seconds before impact.

Despite the family’s incredible escape, their three year old border collie Ace, who was in the back of the ute, went missing after slipping out of his collar and running from the scene.

Hailey said the family had been in touch with Nelson based Don Schwass, who runs the Nelson Search Dog/Tracking Page.

He was helping with the search and was asking for third party intervention to stop, as it was driving Ace further away.

“If you think you’ve seen Ace while on your travels please message Don with your contact details, an exact location and the details of Ace’s condition and movement.”

Photo: Supplied

On a Facebook post, Don said a drone was deployed in area early Thursday morning.

He said there were signs that Ace had been in the area.

“Area of interest is now large, from Glynn Wye Station to the Engineers Camp. I would prefer that people don’t come out looking in the area. I need Ace to stop moving, for his safety.”

Chris Lynch
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