Dining experiences in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 12, 2022 |


Whether you want to brush up on your basic cooking skills, learn to cook simple delicious dishes under the watchful eye of our trained chefs, or just want to sit back and enjoy a culinary experience with friends, Riverside Kitchen has a class for you.


Punjabwala Christchurch

Punjabwala, Christchurch’s biggest Indian Buffet offering off Moorehouse Avenue. Punjabis are known around the world for their amazing hospitality and their love for food. Their buffet is tastefully curated with unique dishes that you will not find in many other Indian restaurants.


The Arena Restaurants, THE Palms

Jaba Grill is known as the best steakhouse in Christchurch offering fresh local produce and beverages. There’s also Fox and Ferret: Whether Its meeting up for a drink or coming in for dinner they can make your experience in the bar one to remember. They can accommodate for small and large gatherings. Cocopelli offers the best pizza and casual dining experience in Christchurch



Overlooking Lake Pegasus, the purpose built boat sheds are designed to reflect the nautical and coastal life of the area. The Good Home Pegasus has a flavour all of its own, when you visit, you’ll notice the enticing array of drinks at the bar, the tempting treats on the menu and the smiles of the friendly folk who’ll serve them to you.



Bikanervala, is a premium Indian sweets and street food restaurant in Christchurch for an authentic taste of your homeland – world famous for its delectable sweets and food.



Discover Christchurch’s retail heart at The Crossing –Lose time in the most delightful of ways as you browse local and international fashion, indulge in a continually evolving mix of food, and sample exciting beauty and lifestyle brands.



Five Lanes: Set in the heart of Christchurch’s CBD, the numerous laneways and courtyards are brimming full with delicious food, designer brands and convenient services.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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