David Seymour to hold public meeting in Christchurch tonight

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 17, 2023 |

Act Party Leader David Seymour will hold a public meeting in Christchurch tonight as he attempts to attract more votes for the up and coming general election.

“I’ll be in Christchurch tonight to hear your views and to speak about ACT’s fresh new ideas for solutions to the problems plaguing New Zealand” he said.

“Labour gave us inflation, lawlessness, and division. We need New Zealand to be affordable, safe, and inclusive. ACT has policies to make life better in every area.

“We all know that Labour has made a mess of the economy and delivering public services, and we know that most Kiwis think the country is on the wrong path. Change is coming this election, and your choice is between chaos on the left, or a strong, stable ACT-National government which can deliver real change.”

Seymour said he will be introducing local candidates Laura Trask (Banks Peninsula) and Ben Harvey (Selwyn), who at number 10 and 15 on our list respectively.

When: Thursday 17 August 5:30pm

Where: Majestic Church, 189 Durham Street South, Christchurch

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Chris Lynch
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