11 new cases of COVID-19 cases, including 3 in Wellington

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 20, 2021 |

There are 11 new cases of COVID-19 in the community today.

The Ministry of Health said this brings the total number of cases associated with the current Auckland community outbreak to 31.

All cases have or are being transferred safely to a managed isolation facility, under strict infection prevention and control procedures, including the use of full PPE.

Of the 11 new cases, eight are in Auckland and three are in Wellington.

The three in Wellington had recently travelled to Auckland and visited a location of interest there.

The international Air New Zealand crew member, reported yesterday, has now been confirmed as a border-related case, and not linked to the Auckland outbreak, based on the results of whole genome sequencing.

Nineteen cases are now confirmed as part of the Auckland outbreak, with the remaining 12 under investigation to confirm the linkage to the outbreak. Initial assessment shows in most cases there is a plausible link.

Of the 11 new community cases reported today:

  • One case is in a family bubble with a case reported yesterday

  • One case is in a family bubble with a case reported on Wednesday

  • One case is in a family bubble with a case also reported on Wednesday

  • Two of the cases we are reporting today are also in a family bubble together.

Public health officials are currently conducting interviews to establish how the new cases were infected and to determine further details of their movements.

In addition, there are two new cases in recent returnees in a managed isolation facility.

University of Otago Department of Primary Health Care & General Practice Senior Lecturer Lesley Gray says “given how transmissible the Delta variant is, it was to be expected that we might see cases increase in the Auckland region and in other locations outside of Auckland.”

She says “this is likely to mean a longer time at National alert level 4. People are responding well so far to this lockdown – the vast majority of people are staying home as required and only engaging with essential services when necessary.”

“Many thousands of people are presenting for Covid testing across New Zealand and some of the testing centres are swamped.”

“People who are registered with a GP can also contact their GP practice to find out if testing is available at their practice as this may offer a timed appointment slot.”

“It’s very important is for everyone over the age of 12 to mask up effectively if they have to go outside or attend essential services and if you have any cold or Covid symptoms please do arrange to get tested asap.”

“Lockdown with testing, masks, hand hygiene and QR code scanning will be the quickest way to ‘rein in’ this outbreak, so long as everyone plays their part.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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