Council-owned Hornby building damaged by “suspicious” fire

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 23, 2022 |

Photo: Mike Mora

A fire at an unoccupied council-owned building in Hornby is being treated as suspicious.

A Fire and Emergency spokeswoman told Chris Lynch firefighters were alerted to the building fire on Gilberthorpes Road in Hei Hei at 7:30 am this morning,

Three fire trucks attended and the last fire truck departed the scene at 9:43am. 

A police spokeswoman said officers provided assistance with traffic management, closing the road while Fire and Emergency crews worked to extinguish the fire.

The road was reopened again at 7.55am.

The spokeswoman said police met with a fire investigator at the scene later in the morning and the fire is being treated as suspicious.

Photo: Mike Mora

In March, the property was earmarked for sale in Christchurch City Council’s draft Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

However, Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board chairman Mike Mora said at the time the board was not happy with the idea of selling the property.

He told Chris Lynch this afternoon, the council has agreed to go back and do some consultation with the public to see how they would like the building used.

Mora said Council staff held a zoom meeting just last night over the future of the building.

Photo: Mike Mora

The last tenant was a social services organisation, that moved out in January.

Mora said he visited the scene of the fire and said there were alcohol bottles everywhere, and someone had defecated outside in the yard.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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