Community youth organisation “frustrated” after thieves steal trailer

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 26, 2023 |

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A Christchurch community organisation is “extremely frustrated” after their trailer was stolen over the weekend.

Youth and Cultural Development Trust Community Service and Youth Events Co-Ordinator Tommy Tominiko said on Saturday at 2:43am, thieves used bolt cutters to cut through the gates to gain access to the property on Cashel Street, stealing the Elite Trailer. 

“This is extremely frustrating for a number of reasons. This week, we had scheduled to help a number of our youth and families with moving and helping to drop off furniture.

Photo: Car used to steal trailer

““Our trailer is also used in our community at no cost to assist whanau if needed.”

Tominiko said “our locks for our gates and buildings are custom-made, so having to get these re-made has been an expensive process in itself.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get footage of them actually taking the trailer as where it was parked was in a blind spot (it’s been parked here forever with no issues until now) but you can see the screenshots and video.”

Tominiko said “YCD is a non-profit organization that helps our youth and their families in the community and Youth Justice sector, and we are extremely proud of the work our team does.

It is just disappointing and upsetting that people go to these lengths to disrupt people’s lives and businesses.” 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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