Community-led organisation applauds new Government’s pledge to scrap “divisive” waters policy

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 16, 2023 |

A community group representing several New Zealand councils has welcomed the National-led Government’s decision to scrap the previous Government’s “failed Three Waters policy.”

During the election campaign the new Government coalition partners promised to scrap Three Waters and replace the legislation with a new proposal based on community-ownership of water services.

Communities 4 Local Democracy co-chairs Manawatu mayor Helen Worboys, and Mayor of Waimakariri District, Dan Gordon said we welcome the new Government and their promise to scrap this divisive and flawed reform.”

Grey District Mayor Tania Gibson said “It is a relief that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel from the last three years of turmoil in the Three Waters space.

“With National promising to put an end to this expensive, erroneous affordable waters debacle we can now look to clarity on our future and our long-term planning.

“The country has spoken, and I believe this was a major issue for voters in this election. We hope now that councils will have their voices heard and the incoming government will listen instead of paying lip service to local government”.

Worboys and Gordon said “we look forward to the new Government swiftly repealing the outgoing Government’s legislation to honour that commitment.

“Both leading into the campaign, and during the campaign, they’ve been clear with Kiwis that this was their intention, and they have the electoral mandate now to get on with it and fix this flawed reform.

“There has been enough discussion and feedback from communities, councils, and the water sector. National has a clear and reasoned policy on Three Waters reform. Officials should now get out of the way and let the new Government implement its electoral mandate.

“The time for decisive action is now and we call on them to move swiftly to stop the Wellington bureaucracy from wasting more time and money on the outgoing Government’s flawed reform.

“C4LD has an alternative approach ready to deliver that can achieve broad political support, and that delivers a better outcome for our communities compared to the previous oversimplified ‘one size fits none’ model.

“We’re ready to work alongside and in partnership with the new Government to make this happen swiftly so addressing core infrastructure issues like water doesn’t languish any longer.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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