“Come to the front door with nothing in your hand” Armed police surround houses in two Chch suburbs

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 16, 2022 |

Armed police surround a house in Mairehau

Armed police have surrounded houses in Mairehau and Aranui this afternoon.

Police are outside a house on Knowles Street.

A video sent to Chris Lynch Media shows police saying “come out.

“Do the right thing and come to the front door with nothing in your hand” a police officer can be heard shouting.”

A block surrounding Knowles Street has been blocked off by police.

A police spokesperson said police are responding to an incident in Knowles Street, following a report received shortly before 2pm of raised voices threatening a person.

“It may be a family harm incident” the spokesperson said

AOS members are also at the scene on Knowles Street.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses say there’s a large police presence on Corhampton Street in Aranui.

A man in his 20s was arrested late this afternoon.


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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