Coastguard Canterbury launches fundraiser for permanent accommodation

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 31, 2023 |

Coastguard Canterbury is on a fundraising drive for permanent accommodation.

Its building was damaged in the 2011 earthquakes, and the organisation spent considerable funds trying to fix it until they could fundraise for a permanent solution.

But then the Christchurch City Council ordered the building be demolished to make way for SailGP

Coastguard Canterbury relocated to porta-coms, near the public jetty at Naval Point in Lyttelton.

That was three years ago and they are still in temporary accommodation according to a volunteer.

“Coastguard Canterbury needs to have permanent accommodation that they can call home and desperately need to house their vessel as it is exposed to all weathers and has deteriorated considerably.”

The organisation has about 33 volunteers, and in the year to June 2022, they “brought 94 home safely.”

You can made a donation on their Give a Little page.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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