Close friend expresses frustration over lack of answers in real estate agent’s vanishing

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 21, 2023 |

A close friend of a missing Christchurch real estate agent says “nothing much makes any sense” when it comes to her disappearance.

Yanfei Bao was last seen on Wednesday around 10:30 in the Wigram area.

Her silver Nissan Dualis car, registration PKT 556, was found in Iroquois Place, 1.2km from where she was last seen.

A resident on Iroquois Place said police visited her last night asking for security footage, but her outside camera didn’t reach as far as the street.

Bao’s close friend, who Chris Lynch Media has agreed not to name, said there was no proper timeline regarding her disappearance, and friends and family were becoming increasingly frustrated.

“The situation is very strange, as she doesn’t like leaving her daughter at all. She cares for her a lot.

“Every time I go to her house, and watch her play with her daughter,  you can tell straight away she means everything to her. I don’t think she just took off somewhere”

The friend said what was strange was the area where police found her car.

“The street in Wigram is not the sort of place where you’d go door knocking to encourage people to sell houses.

“It seems more like an over 60s environment to me. It’s not exactly a good selling area. It doesn’t make any sense” the friend said.

“Police should step up and ask harder questions.”

The friend said they visited the Harcourts office in Wigram, where Bao worked, to ask more questions,  but no one noticed anything out of the unusual.

“Obviously if she was upset in the morning, someone would have noticed and asked her if she was ok.”

The friend said the photos released by police wearing shoes in one photo and not in the other, were captured on her own driveway.

Police spent much of Thursday afternoon combing Harvard Park in Wigram

“I recognised the location immediately. I visited her house often and that’s her driveway.”

A police spokesperson confirmed the photos were taken from her home security camera.

The friend said Yanfei Bao was a very happy person.

“She’s one of the happiest people I have ever met. She was always looking forward to learning and trying new things 

“She was rising through the ranks fast at Harcourts and was doing really well.

“My gut feeling is that police are looking in the wrong areas, but I could be completely wrong” the friend.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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