▶️ Christchurch’s new mayor Phil Mauger and new councillors elected

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 08, 2022 |

Progress results show Phil Mauger has won Christchurch’s mayoralty race.

The current vote count shows the one-term Councillor and former construction company owner has a narrow majority, with 50,086 votes. His nearest rival, David Meates, received 46,315 votes. The next highest polling Mayoral candidate was Mark Chirnside who received 4164 votes.

“I am humbled and excited to be elected as Mayor of Christchurch. I am very pleased that my message of regaining people’s trust in Council and getting things done has resonated with so many people,’’ says Mayor-elect Mauger.

“I want to acknowledge David Meates who also stood for mayor. To have someone of David’s calibre run shows the commitment we have in Christchurch to local democracy.

“I have consistently said during the campaign that I do not believe there is any place for party politics around the Council table. I promise to be a Mayor who listens to all ideas and works with people to get the best outcomes for our city.’’

 Mayor-elect Mauger will be joined at the Council table by seven new Councillors and nine returning Councillors, as progress results stand.

Not all ordinary votes have been counted yet – votes received on the last morning are still in transit to the Electoral Officer. Results could change. Preliminary results are expected to be available on Sunday 9 October, and the official results are expected to be available by Thursday 13 October.

Tyrone Fields has been elected as the new councillor for Banks Peninsula. He takes over the seat from Andrew Turner, who has stepped down after nine years on the Council. Mr Fields has served on the Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board. He won the seat with 1130 votes.

In the Burwood ward, Kelly Barber has been elected to the Council with 3628 votes. Mr Barber, an experienced member of the Waitai Coastal-Burwood Community Board, takes over the Council seat from Mayor-elect Mauger, who chose to stand only for the mayoralty at this election.

The Halswell ward also has a new Councillor. Andrei Moore has won the seat left vacant by the retirement of Councillor Anne Galloway. Mr Moore, who won with 5327 votes, has served on the Waipuna Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board.

The Hornby seat, left vacant by the retirement of Councillor Jimmy Chen, has been won by Mark Peters. He received 2946 votes. Mr Peters is a member of the Waipuna Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board and helped to form the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association.

In the Innes ward Ali Jones was elected with 2386 votes, ousting sitting Councillor Pauline Cotter who received 2340 votes. This result could change once votes submitted today and special votes are counted. Ms Jones is a long-standing member of the Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board and served on the Council from 2013 to 2016.

The Papanui ward also has a new Councillor. Victoria Henstock has been elected with 4735 votes. Ms Henstock was a lawyer for more than 20 years before moving into executive leadership roles. She takes the seat from sitting Councillor Mike Davidson, who received 2562 votes.

Tyla Harrison-Hunt has been elected as the new Riccarton ward Councillor. He replaces Councillor Catherine Chu, who did not seek re-election. Mr Harrison-Hunt works with youth in sport and runs a business consultancy.  He won the seat with 1245 votes.

Progress results show the remaining Council seats were won by sitting Councillors.

  • In the Cashmere ward, Tim Scandrett won the seat with 4300 votes.

  • In the Central ward, Jake McLellan won with 2096 votes.

  • In the Coastal ward, Celeste Donovan won the seat with 3784 votes.

  • In the Fendalton ward, James Gough won with 5737 votes.

  • In the Harewood ward, Aaron Keown won the seat with 6368 votes.

  • In the Heathcote ward, Sara Templeton won the seat with 4838 votes.

  • In the Linwood ward, Yani Johansonwon the seat with 4049 votes.

  • In the Spreydon ward, Melanie Coker won the seat with 3910 votes.

  • In the Waimairi ward, Sam MacDonald won the seat with 4545 votes.

Find out who won Community Board positions and see the full progress results.

As at 9pm Friday, more than 39 per cent of eligible Christchurch and Banks Peninsula voters had taken part in the election.

That figure does not take into account about 3500 votes received on Friday nor votes received today or special votes, which have still be processed. It is likely the turnout will be slightly higher than the last local elections when just over 41 per cent of the eligible voters in the Christchurch City Council voted.

Preliminary election results will be available on the Council’s website tomorrow. A public notice with the declaration of the final results will be published between 13 and 18 October.

Mayor-elect Mauger and the new Council will be sworn in later this month.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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