Christchurch vape store ram-raided again after 12 youths struck last time

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 28, 2023 |

The owner of a vape store in Shirley is stressed and worried after her store was raided by youths for a second time.

As first reported by Chris Lynch Media, youths smashed their way into Vapeology off Hills Road on Friday morning causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It was exactly a month since the store was targeted by 12 youths who smashed a stolen car into the store.

Owner Karina said this time around five youths smashed in the front door and kicked in the security grills, smashing glass again, and going through all the cabinets.

“They actually did more damage this time and stole far more product. We’re a small business and we all work together, we put our heart and soul into it. It upsets the team.”

Karina said they’ve got fantastic customers who were really upset about it too.

Retail Manager Shea said he was angry about the situation.

“I think I’m more frustrated with it happening almost every day and then nothing happenings – nothing coming of it.”

Karina said it was hard having no support from the Government at all. She said she still hadn’t heard back from the Government’s ram raid support service.

“They just said oh we’re really busy at the moment we’ll be there in a few weeks. And it’s like it’s too late because we’ve been broken into again that few weeks.

Karina said last time around the police attended and said they knew who the offenders were.

“It’s been the same group doing it for the last year. But because they’re all 14, the police can’t do anything.

And since then, we haven’t even heard back from police about what’s happened or anything, to be honest. Not a word.”

Karina said “we understand police are frustrated that they can’t do anything because they’re underage, but there must be something that can do because this is a pandemic.

It’s not just happening every weekend, it’s happening during the week.”

“Something needs to be done. Police need to be given more authority to take them off the streets.”

They’re not just stealing a few things. This is where the criminal justice system needs to actually step in. And it’s no longer just a slap on the wrist – It’s a severe crime.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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