Mauger leads mayoral race, public overwhelming rejects road space given to cyclists

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 10, 2022 |

Mayoral candidate Phil Mauger

A political poll shows Christchurch mayoral candidate Phil Mauger leading the race.

TVNZ’s Q+A commissioned Kantar to poll Christchurch City voters about which mayoral candidate they would most likely vote for. 

Mauger has been the only candidate to publicly release details on who’s financially backing him.

Mauger said “I am very humbled with these numbers, but people can not become complacent.

If we want to see real change at the council table people must vote.

I came out of the blocks early and by doing that encouraged a fantastic calibre of people to stand for council. Please vote and together we can get stuff done.”


Of the people who said they were likely to vote and expressed a preference (a subset of an overall sample of 500):

Phil Mauger: 58%

David Meates: 26% 

The Wizard of NZ: 5%

 Of the overall sample, 38% said they don’t know, refused, or don’t plan to vote. 

 Do you feel confident in the ability of Christchurch City Council to meet the needs of its residents? 

Yes: 36%

No: 48%

Don’t know/refused: 15%


Christchurch City Council has voted to spend $683 million for a multipurpose stadium. Do you feel this represents good value for money for ratepayers? 

Yes: 47%

No: 41%

Don’t know/refused: 12%

 Do you support or oppose the addition of chlorine to your drinking water supply?

Yes: 23%

No: 65%

Don’t know/refused: 12%

 Do you think more road space should be given over to bicycles in Christchurch to encourage residents to cycle more?

Yes: 29%

No: 64%

Don’t know/refused: 7%

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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