Christchurch police issue warning after children found improperly restrained in speeding vehicle

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 05, 2024 |
Police car / file
Christchurch Police are urging the community to ensure children are properly restrained following a concerning vehicle stop in Bishopdale.
About 11:30am yesterday, Thursday 4 July, police stopped a vehicle travelling almost 20kmh above the speed limit on Harewood Road.
When police came to the window, four children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years were seen in the back and front passenger seats with their car seats incorrectly fitted.
The driver was issued a formal warning and an infringement notice.
Inspector Ash Tabb said police are working with the driver around the correct way to secure seats, secure the children, and making sure they have the right seat for their size.
“Ensuring car seats are properly attached and kids are properly restrained is essential in reducing the risk of serious injuries or worse if a crash occurs.
I am glad this didn’t result in more serious consequences; not only were the kids not properly restrained, but the vehicle was also travelling almost 20 kmh above the speed limit, two of four known crash and serious crash contributors, labelled RIDS (Restraints, Impairment, Distraction, and Speed).
“We understand parents, and caregivers may not know what the right seat is, or how to attach it correctly for your child. There are several services available to assist people with this, including child restraint technicians who can provide advice on what restraint may be needed. They can also help you fit them to your vehicle,” Inspector Tabb said.
Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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