▶️ Teenagers, child laugh filming disturbing unprovoked violent attacks in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 28, 2022 |


Disturbing cellphone footage has emerged of violent unprovoked attacks on school children in Christchurch.

The footage was sent to Chris Lynch Media by a distraught father who said the same group of teenagers were responsible for beating up his daughter and her friend.

The father, who Chris Lynch Media has agreed not to name, said his 13-year-old daughter and her friend were waiting for a bus at 11AM on Monday morning on Kirk Road in Templeton, when a silver-coloured car, driven by a young boy pulled up.

“Two teenage girls got out of the car, ran up to my daughter and her friend, and started punching them hard in the face.

“They hit them both four or five times, demanding their phones, before jumping back into the car.

A motorist driving past saw the attack and stopped to see if the girls were ok.

“He tried to give chase and get a number plate of the offenders, but they had left the scene.

My daughter ran around the corner and called me using a cell phone from a member of the public.

Teenage boy kicks another boy in the face in one of several shocking violent and unprovoked attacks in Christchurch.

Her friend was in hysterics and they both were crying” the father said.

He arrived minutes later and took them back to the friend’s house to phone the police.

The next day they went to the central police station to make a formal statement.

The father said he was working with police, but has done his own investigation and believes he has identified the youths involved.

“I was sent disturbing cell phone footage of similar attacks on children committed by young teenagers in Christchurch.

I’m sure it’s the same group of teenagers and children committing these crimes.

I sent the footage to police four days ago but we still haven’t heard back.

The father said there is a security camera that points down to the bus stop on Kirk Road so police should be able to identify the offenders.

“The police said the Youth Crimes Unit is investigating and trying to identify everyone involved.

Chris Lynch Media has released footage of other attacks, believed to be linked, to highlight the brutality of the assaults.

In one video a teenage boy walks up to another young boy who’s in a school uniform and kicks him in the face.

Shocking footage of teenage boy attacking another boy

The vicious attack is filmed from inside a car, and those behind the camera can be heard laughing – encouraging the offender to steal the victim’s cell phone as he lays on the ground crying and in shock.

In another video, the same offender attacks another boy, in an unprovoked attack kicking him in the leg, before chasing him down the street.

Another disturbing video shows a teenage girl swearing and assaulting a young girl in a prolonged attack punching her in the face, and then kicking her when she’s on the ground.

That video was filmed on the top floor car park of Westfield Shopping Centre.

The victims’ father of Monday’s attack said he’s identified one of the offenders in the video.

Chris Lynch Media approached the offender’s father for comment.

He responded saying “I’ve seen these (videos) “We have actively been trying to find him and hold him accountable. We are so ashamed, embarrassed and disappointed.

In no way do we or would we permit this kind of behaviour. We are good people.”

The father of Monday’s assault said he was taking his daughter to the doctor’s Friday afternoon as she was showing signs of delayed concussion.

In a statement, a police spokesperson said “police are making inquiries into this offending a priority.

“We have viewed the footage and positive leads into these incidents are being investigated.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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