Christchurch dairy targeted by youths for the 6th time

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 01, 2023 |

Racecourse Dairy owner Mike photographed at a previous burglary in March

A Christchurch dairy was targeted by youth offenders this morning for the 6th time.

A police spokeswoman said at 6.15am police received a report of an alarm activation at Epsom Rd premises.

Racecourse Road Diary owner Mike told Chris Lynch three youths tried to smash the door window in by kicking it and using what appeared to be a hammer.

“They appeared to be more cautious than previous occasions, as they drove past the dairy three times after being interrupted by passing cars.”

Mike said he got the impression they were testing things out to see what level of security was installed.

“Once again, the youths had their faces covered.

“A police dog handler turned up straight away followed closely by three police units, who were very good,” Mike said.

A fog cannon prevented the offenders from entering the store.

A police spokeswoman said a stolen vehicle has been located abandoned nearby.

Inquiries remain ongoing.


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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