▶️ Christchurch artist pleads for return of stolen mural

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 31, 2023 |

Photo: Supplied

A Christchurch artist who donated a hand-painted mural to the Shirley community is urging those who stole the painting to return it to its rightful place.

Photo: Supplied

Vanessa Heaver painted the mural in December 2021, as part of a project for the Shirley village.

It was installed at Macfarlane Park.

“It was to help cheer kids up on the way to school. I donated this work to them. It took me a month to paint and it was revealed on January 2022.

Vanessa was asked to paint something that would include the community.

“So I created little creatures that were hidden within my painting for children to find.

I wanted to make it fun for them, so if they had a hard day at school they could come to my painting and play a little game – it was my way of creating some fun for the community.”

Vanessa said as a child she loved imaginary creatures, especially fairies.

“In a way this painting also took me back to my childhood which is why it means so much to me.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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