Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Synod commits to further funding for Cathedral

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 22, 2024 |
Christ Church Cathedral

The Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Synod has agreed to commit further funding to the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project. 

In April, it was announced that the project faced a funding shortfall of around $114m.

Anglican Bishop Dr Peter Carrell, said the Church has now agreed that further funds be applied to the Cathedral reinstatement project.

“Synod agreed, in principle, to reduce the seismic design capacity of the building, instead pursuing a seismic strengthening approach successfully completed at the Arts Centre,” Bishop Peter said.

In addition, the recommendation by Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Ltd (CCRL) to remove other elements of the concept design was accepted.

“The Cathedral will meet 67% New Building Standard (NBS) without the complex and risky installation of the base isolators.

“This would also attract significant savings of time. CCRL is continuing to explore further savings to achieve a target cost in the range of $209 to $219 million, with a resulting funding gap of $75 to $85 million.”

“Reducing other elements of the concept design will also include deferring the construction of the Visitor and Cathedral Centres.” he said.

CCRL Chair, Mark Stewart said he was heartened by the support from Synod.

“The project, as originally agreed [between the Church, Government, and Council] is no longer attainable. The decisions made by Synod will make a major difference to the overall project cost and demonstrate good will for upcoming discussions with Council and Government,” Mark Stewart said.

During the Synod meeting Bishop Peter presented ways the Church could demonstrate their commitment to supporting the financial challenge the project faces.

“This is a positive step forward, however the agreements reached are reliant on a solution combining support from the other parties, including donors, the Council and the central government.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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