ChCh airport worker suffers ‘serious’ crush injuries

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 26, 2023 |

Image: CIAL website

One person is in a serious condition following an incident at Christchurch International Airport.

Chris Lynch Media understands that a staff member had crush injuries. The source said the patient “Has been freed but [in] serious condition. Being looked after by Airport Rescue Fire. Ambo on way.”

Fifteen minutes later, the source said, “Airport Fire extricating still. Lifting patient to the gate in the international terminal using the sky chef truck.”

A St John spokesperson said they were notified of an incident at 2.02pm Tuesday.

“Our crew assessed one patient at the scene, transporting them to Christchurch Hospital in a serious condition,” the St John spokesperson said.

A Christchurch International spokesperson said, “I know there was an accident airside and, as usual, Airport Fire Service first responders attended until St John arrived.”

A Worksafe spokesperson said “WorkSafe has not been notified at this stage.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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