Supermarket worker assaulted in Christchurch central city attack

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 11, 2023 |

A supermarket worker was attacked in central Christchurch today.

An eyewitness said a worker at Fresh Choice City Market was attacked, prompting the store to briefly go into lockdown until the offending parties left.

“One man kept yelling and intimidating security staff. It was a bit scary for those inside the store.”

The worker was bloodied but seemed ok as he returned to the store” the witness said.

Police confirmed to Chris Lynch Media that officers responded to a report of an assault at 11.20am today.

St John Ambulance did not attend.

The spokesperson said no one had been arrested.

The store is locally owned and operated by a respected Christchurch couple.

The incident follows the aggravated robbery of Fresh Choice in Merivale Mall, as first reported by Chris Lynch Media.

Police were still investigating that case.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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