Cause of house fire that claimed lives of mother and 11-year-old son revealed

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 08, 2024 |
Fire crews / file
Fire crews / file
The cause of a house fire in Manapouri, Southland which killed an 11-year-old boy and his mother has been revealed.Their bodies were found by specialist search teams combing through the ruins, after the fire broke out in View Street at 3.40am on Thursday.

District Manager Julian Tohiariki said the fire was caused by a heater coming into contact with flammable material, likely bedding.

He says the house had no working smoke alarms at the time of the fire.
“This was a tragedy for the family and our thoughts are with them and the community of Manapouri at this difficult time.”
Fire and Emergency New Zealand is again reminding the public to be fire safe this winter.
“A fire can be un-survivable within just three minutes which is why it’s so important to get that early warning of fire from your smoke alarms,” Julian Tohiariki  said.
You can’t smell smoke when you are asleep.
“Make sure you have working smoke alarms in all bedrooms, hallways and living areas – including caravans and sleep outs.
“Check they are working by pressing the button each month. Now is also a good time to make sure your family has a three-step escape plan,” he said
“It is important you keep flammable materials, such as clothing or bedding, at least one metre from the heater or fire.”
Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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