Cat shot in eye at close range in Christchurch suburb

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 01, 2021 |

A nine month old cat is recovering at home after being shot in the eye in the Christchurch suburb of Hoon Hay.

Eddy resting at home Photo: Zane Garlick

Owner Zane Garlick said his cat Eddy was rushed to the vets on Sunday morning after suffering significant eye trauma.

The Greenpark Street Resident said “we have cameras around the house and discovered that Eddy came stumbling back into the property at 10.30 in the morning.”

Photo: Supplied

“We didn’t check the cameras, until he came back inside, got on the bed and started moaning loudly.”

Eddy was rushed to McMaster and Heap Veterinary Practice just before 11AM.

X rays show he had been shot through the eye at close range with an air rifle.

Photo: Supplied

Zane said the bullet was lodged in a downward angle, and it blew out the animal’s lens, meaning Eddy would have been looking directly at the offender at close range.

“We’re lucky he was seen by one of the top animal eye specialists. A couple of vets have since come around to check on Eddy.”

They’re a little bit worried because they can’t remove the bullet just yet because the damage to the eye is too significant. They have to wait until the eye mends enough to do the next surgery.”

Eddy is currently on an IV drip and pain killers resting at home.

The SPCA and police have been informed.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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