Dog investigated 9 times by Council, fatally attacks beloved cat in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 02, 2023 |

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A distraught Christchurch woman says her beloved cat would still be alive if the Christchurch City Council did its job.

Last week, the Woolston resident had to put her 12-year-old cat down after it suffered “horrendous injuries” by a neighbouring dog, which has been the subject of nine council investigations.

“For the last 2 years this dog hasn’t been confined to its property, and has had multiple complaints against it by myself and neighbours” the woman said.

“The CCC won’t do anything. It didn’t seem to matter that it’s been reported that this dog has tried attacking animals before after roaming about.

“I have received messages from neighbours who caught the dog trying to attack their animals after it had gotten into their property, and the council still didn’t do anything to stop them from being useless owners.

“I have just found out that this dog has recently attacked and killed another cat and still nothing wasn’t done.

The council told the woman that direct evidence of the dog’s attack was lacking as she didn’t witness the attack.

But the resident was adamant it was her neighbour’s dog.

“I’ve chased the dog off my property twice before when it tried to attack my cat.”

Dog investigated nine times by council

Christchurch City Council Animal Services Manager Lionel Bridger said Council has investigated nine reported complaints for this dog.

“One of these investigations was an attack on a domestic animal, which resulted in the dog being classified as menacing by deed.

“The dog is not currently registered, and this aspect is being followed up on.

“The evidence available was that only one incident could be proved, which resulted in the dog being classified as menacing.

“In regard to the latest incident, there was insufficient evidence to support further compliance action. 

“With respect to further breaches by a dog classified as menacing. The Council will investigate any complaints received, and if further compliance action is necessary, it may consider a classification as dangerous or institute a prosecution against the owner of the dog.

“In cases where dogs are found wandering. The owner may be issued a warning or an infringement, and the dog may be impounded at the Animal Shelter. The owner may then claim their dog from the Shelter after all associated fees are paid.

 The Dog Control Act can only restrict dog ownership if the owner of a dog has been disqualified from ownership for a period of time.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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