Teenager’s car stolen by masked man in car jacking incident

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 19, 2022 |

Police are investigating a car jacking incident where a teenager had his vehicle stolen by an unknown man at Cowle Stadium.

Police attended at the scene in Aranui on Saturday and spoke with the victim and obtained a statement with his adult family friend present.

A police spokeswoman said the victim explained that he had seen an old friend while looking for a car park and when he stopped to speak with her, an unknown man got into his vehicle and ordered him to drive.

The man demanded money so the victim pulled over and got out of the vehicle as he was rightly concerned about the man’s behaviour.

 Since the incident occurred Police have been in touch with the victim and spoken with his father.

“We have contacted our forensic teams to see if they are still able to forensically test the vehicle.

We have other enquiries to make which include checking for CCTV.

It appears there has been some confusion around the towing of the vehicle and we will need make further enquiries into this.”

The police spokeswoman said police are continuing to investigate this matter and are committed to identifying and holding the person involved to account.

 “We acknowledge this would have been a very frightening incident for the teenager and his family.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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