Police investigating death of Canterbury University student

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 01, 2022 |

Canterbury University students struggling to cope with today’s news of an unexplained death of a student are being encouraged to talk to counsellors.

A Police investigation into the death of the student is focusing on a house in Riccarton.

Police were called to Matipo Street, near Elizabeth Street in Riccarton just before 4AM.

Chris Lynch Media understands the house is tenanted by five male university students.

A source said “They’re respectful good people”

Police say the death is “unexplained”

Forensic police staff and detectives were still at the scene at 1pm.

A Canterbury University Student advocate said students affected by the death should contact pastoral care services on campus.

The Students Association would be able to help with getting exams delayed and there were processes set up for this sort of event.

UC Chaplaincy offers pastoral and practical support regardless of someone’s background or beliefs.

A police photographer in a boiler suit was taking photos of the scene earlier this morning and a police tent was erected over an area on Matipo Street where blood stains were visible.

Medical equipment on the road, near the gutter was also covered up by the tent.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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