Car smashes into barrier in Redwood, occupants flee scene

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 18, 2023 |

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Police are hunting the occupants of a car that smashed into a barrier in Redwood tonight after they fled the scene.

A police spokeswoman said at 10.15pm, they were alerted to the crash at the corner of Prestons and Grimseys roads.

A local at the scene said the car rolled on the Prestons Road Bridge and the road was closed in both directions.

A resident told Chris Lynch Media she heard the crash from her house which is a block away.

She could hear the car “rolling.”

Another resident said the occupants got out of the vehicle, taking number plates with them, and fled the scene. “They looked young” the resident said.

No other cars were involved.

The car involved was badly damaged and the car tyres appeared to be missing. An eyewitness said at least two people fled the scene.

“Bits of the car were scattered all down the bridge, so I suspect they clipped the side at the top and rolled down. Must have been going fast. I would think that they would have been injured” the resident said.

A St John Ambulance was parked up next to the car, and multiple Fire and Emergency crews were also in attendance.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that the occupants had left the scene.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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