Driver arrested after ramming police car in Timaru

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 21, 2022 |

A 34-year-old man has been arrested, after ramming a police car and then crashing into an innocent motorist.

The crash happened at the intersection of Theodosia and Arthur Streets around 11:45am.

Police had received multiple reports of a black Holden Commodore being driven in a dangerous manner throughout Timaru.

Police say staff were deployed to locate the car as multiple reports continued to be received.

A police patrol vehicle looking for the car in Parkside was rammed by the black Holden, before the vehicle took off at high speed. 

Police staff were not injured but the patrol vehicle sustained minor damage.

The black vehicle was sighted again travelling west at high speed on Arthur Street, when it then went through the intersection with Theodosia Street and collided with another car travelling north.

The occupants of the second car were taken to hospital for assessment, but were not badly injured.

The driver of the black Holden was immediately taken into custody and is facing multiple, serious charges.

An eyewitness to the crash earlier told Chris Lynch he saw a police car “flying down” State Highway One, which went out of sight – seconds later he saw a black Commodore speeding in the opposite direction.

“The offending car actually did slow right down at the intersection with Arthur Street, almost to a stop, and then just pulled out in front of the Volkswagen smashing into it.”

“The guy, the offender, in the Commodore was nutting out, resisting arrest.”

The eyewitness said he was surprised the police car was chasing the offending vehicle with lights on but no sirens.

The worker said about five police cars arrived at the scene, about 20 seconds after the crash.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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