Alcohol ban for Woolston Village following community petition

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 14, 2022 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council / Newsline

An alcohol ban for Woolston Village has been backed by Christchurch City Council.

The temporary ban takes effect from today for a period of six months and applies 24 hours a day seven days a week.

A decision on a permanent ban will be made after that time.

It comes after 173 community residents signed a petition asking the Council to put an alcohol ban in place following concern over the negative impact public drinking was having in the area and people feeling unsafe.

The petition was presented to the Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board in July and a staff report recommending the temporary ban was presented at a full Council meeting today.

Mayor Phil Mauger said it was a positive move that had strong support from the community, the Police, Council’s Alcohol Licensing Team and Health New Zealand.

“Residents have clearly said that they feel unsafe and that begging, abuse, littering and threats in the area are being exacerbated by alcohol.”

He said “the Police have said that an alcohol ban helps to reduce antisocial behaviour. They are fully on board with this move and committed to enforcing the ban with an increased presence, along with more frequent community patrols.

Mauger said “we hope this will help people and businesses feel safe in the Woolston Village area, as they have a right do.”

The temporary ban is made under the Council’s Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw, and makes it an offence to have or to consume alcohol in public places where the ban applies.  The Police are able to issue an infringement fine to anyone breaching the bylaw, and can seize alcohol in relation to the ban.

The alcohol ban applies to the streets around Woolston Village on Ferry Road, and to nearby Radley Park.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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