ACT applauds resignation of public servants unable to align with government policies

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 11, 2023 |

Sir Collin Tukuitonga

ACT has welcomed the resignation of “any public officials who can’t bring themselves to implement the programme outlined by the elected Government.”

It follows the resignation of Sir Collin Tukuitonga who was the chairperson of Te Whatu Ora Pacific Senate.

It was established in January 2023, to provide “objective, strategic advice” to Te Whatu Ora and to deliver more equitable health outcomes for Pacific peoples.

He told RNZ he couldn’t work with the new Government, depsite his role being a-political.

ACT’s Health and Public Service spokesperson Todd Stephenson said “public servants are employed to serve the public through the government of the day to the best of their abilities.

“If someone believes they can’t do that because of their personal political beliefs – including the belief that some ethnic groups should be treated differently by the government simply because of their race – they should resign.”

“It’s in no-one’s interest to have top public advisors glumly going through the motions in high-paid positions when potential champions for service delivery would jump at the chance to fill those roles. In short, get with the programme or get out.”

“ACT thanks Sir Collin for his service and wishes him well in future endeavours.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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