Sam Uffindell stood down pending investigation

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 09, 2022 |

Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell has been stood down from the National Party caucus pending an investigation into further allegations about his past behaviour, says National Party Leader Christopher Luxon.

“This evening my office became aware of very concerning accusations made to RNZ about behaviour shown by Mr Uffindell toward a female flatmate in 2003 while at university.”

A woman who flatted with the MP at university in 2003 told RNZ “Uffindell was an aggressive bully” who once pounded on her bedroom door, screaming obscenities, until she fled through her window.

Luxon, in a statement tonight said “Mr Uffindell disputes the allegations and in the interests of natural justice, an independent investigation will now be undertaken to determine the facts. While this process is underway, Mr Uffindell will be stood down from caucus.

The investigation will be conducted by Maria Dew QC and I expect it to take two weeks.

However, as these allegations have only come to me in the last few hours, the finer details of the investigation, including the terms of reference, are yet to be confirmedand will be finalised over the next couple of days.”

Uffindell released a statement tonight:

When I was a student at Otago I enjoyed a student lifestyle, which included drinking and, at times, smoking marijuana.

 While in second year a number of flatmates fell out – and two of the flatmates left midway through the year.

 I reject any accusation that I engaged in behaviour that was intimidatory or bullying. This simply did not happen.

While there is an investigation into these accusations I will not make further comment.


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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