A tail of hope: woman credits beloved terrier mix for cancer recovery

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 17, 2024 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council

After her cherished dog passed away and she received a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer, Robyn Haughey initially thought she would spend some time without a pet. However, within three weeks, she expressed to her husband, Mark, a strong desire for a dog’s companionship to support her through her demanding treatment.

On that very day, they visited the Christchurch City Council’s Animal Shelter. Robyn recalls the moment she met Jess, a delightful and energetic Terrier/Jack Russell mix. Jess quickly claimed Robyn with an affectionate hug during their first encounter in the exercise area, convincing Robyn that Jess was the perfect addition to her family.

Jess, who became Robyn’s fifth dog from the Animal Shelter over three decades, has provided more than just companionship. Robyn shared, “Enduring chemotherapy and its severe side effects, along with a double mastectomy, has been an immense challenge. But Jess’s presence brings joy, love, and a sense of fulfillment. She’s been a comforting companion, especially on tough days, offering hope and a shared determination to overcome my health challenges.”

Recently, Robyn was joyfully declared cancer-free by her doctors. She attributes a significant part of her recovery to Jess’s unwavering support and love.

Robyn encourages others to consider adopting from the Animal Shelter, highlighting the mutual benefits of love, care, and affection between dogs and their owners. She praises the shelter for its straightforward adoption process, noting that the staff are committed to ensuring positive outcomes for both pets and adopters. Dogs at the shelter are healthy, vaccinated, and adoption costs are reasonable.

For those interested in adoption, details about dogs at the Christchurch City Council Animal Shelter can be found on their Facebook page, or by contacting them directly at 03 941 7948.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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