Christchurch shopkeeper’s warning: ‘it will not be easy for them’ after dairy targeted by youth offenders

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 21, 2023 |

Kamlesh Patel of Opawa Universal Dairy

A Christchurch dairy has become the latest victim of an attempted burglary and its owner is voicing his concerns, not just about crime, but about New Zealand’s international reputation.

Kamlesh Patel of Opawa Universal Dairy said his store was targeted early Monday morning by youth offenders.

He expressed frustration with the growing trend but also made it clear he’s not intimidated, stating, “if they come face to face with me, it will not be easy for any one of them.”

Patel has taken serious measures to protect his business, implementing 14 cameras, a fog machine, which he said is not entirely safe, and an alarm system monitored by a professional company.

His security is not merely about protecting his store, but his livelihood and home as well.

He’s also concerned about the broader impact of these crimes.

“It’s not just about the financial loss,” Patel said. “All of society is having to pay for this crime. New Zealand is getting a bad name worldwide. Something needs to change to create a better living environment.”

Reflecting a growing concern over youth delinquency, Patel said it was time for parents to take responsibility for their children.

A police spokeswoman said “police responded to reports of an attempted burglary on the intersection of Hawford Road and Opawa Road around 4:45am on Monday.

It does not appear anything was stolen, however enquiries are ongoing.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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