Police remain at scene of stolen vehicle incident following chase

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 24, 2022 |

Police remain at the scene where young offenders allegedly stole a vehicle after sending police on a chase throughout many parts of Christchurch.

It’s unclear if the offenders have been caught as of 2pm, but a police pursuit of the vehicle started round 8AM Thursday.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media they expect to release more details this afternoon.

The car involved in this morning’s chase sped through Harewood, Burnside and Yaldhurst, narrowly missing motorists.

Police and local helicopters were seen scouring parts of eastern Christchurch late morning.

The driver then dumped the car at BP Moorhouse before stealing another vehicle and fleeing the scene eyewitnesses said.

A police patrol car remains at the service station as of 2PM.

“It was like watching a game of Grand Theft Auto. Speeding down wrong side of Moorhouse and then swapping cars at BP and speeding away. Crazy to watch” a witness said.

Earlier, multiple motorists told Chris Lynch Media they saw a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road on Memorial Avenue being chased by two police cars.


The police cars tried to ram the offending car off the road, which was a silver Subaru.

“The passenger’s side door was dangling off.

The driver then rammed the two police cars before speeding off again, swerving through multiple side streets trying to evade them.”

The eyewitness said “this is likely going to end badly. Roads are very busy with traffic this morning. The driver is desperate to get away. I do hope no one is seriously hurt.

Another motorist said they saw police putting down road spikes on the corner of Grahams Road and Memorial Avenue.

Another motorist said the car “jumped the lights, in front of us Ferry Road. Just before 9am. Saw a young man in the back looking at us.”

He almost rammed into me on Yaldhurst Road at 9am. I phoned the police” another witness said,

“It looked like his door was about to fall off. I had to quickly pull over when I saw him speeding towards my car.”


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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