Nine cars impounded for burnouts and skids, other offenders being sought by police

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 20, 2023 |

Nine cars have been seized after drivers were caught doing burnouts and skids in Governors Bay.

A police spokesperson said since September 2022, the drivers and registered owners have been held to account through the courts for sustained loss of traction, and for failing to give information to police.

Several other vehicles have been identified as well and are actively being sought by police.

“Police recognise the distress this behaviour, which has happened at all hours, causes the community.

We thank locals for their help which has allowed Police to obtain sufficient evidence to impound and green sticker these vehicles.”

Police said this partnership led to an increase in reporting such incidents to the Police and is building trust and confidence with the local community.

“Police are committed to ensuring our roads are safe for all in our community.

The number of prosecutions sends a clear message that anti-social driving will not be tolerated and we will continue to monitor, investigate and hold offenders to account.”

If you have any information, video or photographs of incidents of anti-social road use – including number plates and descriptions, that could assist Police in identifying those involved, please contact Police on 105, or you can give information anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. These enquiries can and do result in enforcement action.

Police said if you witness antisocial driving behaviour, call 111 if it is happening now, or 105 if it is afterward.

A report can also be made online.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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