Youth Justice worker injured, five offenders escape to roof

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 24, 2023 |

A youth justice worker has been injured after five offenders escaped on to the roof of a facility near Christchurch.

The incident started just before midday at Te Puna Wai on Runners Road.

A police spokesperson said Oranga Tamariki was the lead agency dealing with the situation but confirmed police were assisting at a Rolleston facility.

Oranga Tamariki Deputy Chief Executive Mike Bush told Chris Lynch Media their staff were dealing with an incident.

“Late this morning, five young people left their unit and accessed a roof area in the facility. 

“A staff member was injured during this incident. 

“Our staff member suffered minor injuries and is being cared for at Christchurch Hospital” Bush said.

Police and and Fire and Emergency services were still dealing with the stand-off at 4.30PM.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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