“Absolutely devastated” Vandals damage Linwood Keas Rugby League field

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 18, 2022 |

Photo: Linwood Keas Rugby League Football Facebook page

Vandals have damaged the Linwood Keas Rugby League Football field, at Linwood Park, putting the club’s next game in doubt.

Grass has been ripped up by car tyres and marks left on the field.

Linwood Park covers a total area of 10 hectares and its perimeter is 2 kilometres.

It’s understood other parts of the park were also vandalised by tyre marks.

A Linwood Keas Rugby League Football field spokesperson told Chris Lynch “the field was redeveloped last year, so it’s been a long time since we’ve had a home game.”

“We are absolutely devastated as our second-round game versus Hornby was scheduled to be played on the field and now we are unsure of this until we have an update from the Christchurch City Council.”

“We’ve also asked if the new Te Pou Toetoe Linwood Pool facility has cameras as we are also unsure where the vehicle has gained access to the field.”

The Linwood Keas Rugby League Football spokesperson said if anyone has information, they should contact police.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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