Victim of stolen car used in ram raid says offenders took everything

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 17, 2022 |

A Christchurch resident whose car was stolen, and used in a ram raid said the offenders took everything from inside her vehicle.

The Caltex service station on Harewood Road in Bishopdale was targeted by offenders around 3.20M Tuesday.

A police spokeswoman said a vehicle was used to gain entry.

Bishopdale resident Grace May was staying at her friend’s house when she got a knock on the door from a police officer at 4am.

“The officer just said my car was used in a “ram raid robbery.”

Later this morning, Grace received a phone call from another police officer. “They were amazing. They sorted it real quick and we drove to the preschool off Sawyers Arms Road, where the car was left.”

Grace said there was at least a grand of items stolen from her car and everything was gone.

“They have ripped stuff up. My ignition is stuffed. They kind of just went ballistic and pretty much took everything that could.”

“I think my car was the getaway car because there were chunks of glass all over the bonnet.”

“The interior has been scratched up, my speakers are gone. Everything’s gone including my console.”

Grace said the offenders left a Turkish delight and a Pinky bar” in her car.

Grace said she can’t lock her car anymore. “It’s not safe at all. It makes me feel pretty uncomfortable, it’s quite upsetting,”

The ram raid follows at least three other ram raid attempts across Canterbury yesterday morning, all thought to be linked.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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