“My husband jumped out of the way. I was not so lucky” – Hit and run victim

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 04, 2022 |


The victim of an alleged hit and run in South New Brighton is having her third operation today as a result of her serious injuries.

Emergency services were called to Estuary Road just after 8pm on Tuesday after a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.

A police spokeswoman said the pedestrian was transported to hospital with serious injuries.

Police located the vehicle and driver and arrested a 33-year-old man.

The pedestrian, who didn’t want to be named, told Chris Lynch she was out walking with her husband when she was struck by a car.

“I was walking at the end of Estuary Road on the stopbank when a car lost control and went up on the bank.”

“My husband jumped out of the way. I was not so lucky. I flew in the air.”

“I have a smashed shoulder that has been reconstructed, a smashed and dislocated ankle, and lots of broken ribs front and back on the left side.”

The woman also has a left eye socket that needs surgery.

She also has “lots of smashed teeth.”

“My ankle has also had surgery, but there are no neck or spinal injuries.”

“I am in the hospital and am having my third surgery today. I am doing well. The staff are amazing and I am getting excellent care” the woman said.

The police spokeswoman said the driver was charged with several charges in relation to this incident and appeared in Christchurch District Court today.

“The charges for the March 4th appearance were failing to stop to ascertain injury after a crash and recklessly causing injury.”

He was remanded on bail. He will next appear in Christchurch District Court on 25 March.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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