Christchurch Council removes Vaccine passports

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 03, 2022 |

Christchurch City Council has removed the My Vaccine Pass requirements for people visiting its facilities as of tomorrow Tuesday.

That means people will no longer need to show a My Vaccine Pass to enter Council pools and recreation centres, libraries, community centres, service hubs, the Civic Offices, Christchurch Art Gallery or Akaroa Museum.

“We have been reviewing the My Vaccine Pass requirements at our public facilities in light of the recent changes made by the Government and the evolving situation with the pandemic,’’ says Council Chief Executive Dawn Baxendale.

“The advice we have received suggests that Omicron cases in Christchurch may have peaked, and most people in our communities are double or triple vaccinated. Given these factors, we have decided that we will lift the My Vaccine Pass requirements at our public facilities. 

“I’m pleased we are in a position to do this. The small percentage of unvaccinated people in our community have still being able to access many of our services online, but it will be great to welcome them back into our facilities.

“If you’re planning to visit one of our facilities just remember that if you are aged over 12 you will need to wear mask indoors.

“We will be taking other sensible precautions at our facilities to minimise the risk of COVID-19 and other winter illnesses spreading so residents shouldn’t feel worried about visiting. Rest assured that we will be doing all that we can to keep everyone safe and well,’’ Mrs Baxendale says.  “We’re looking forward to seeing our libraries, sport and recreation centres and other gathering spots humming with people and everyone enjoying themselves.

“If you’re feeling well, we look forward to seeing you at our facilities. But as always, if you are feeling sick, please help keep your community safe by staying home.”

While the Council is removing My Vaccine Pass requirements for the public, it is going to keep the vaccine requirements for staff in place for now.

“The public health advice we have received suggests this is the best way to protect our staff and to ensure we don’t have a high proportion of our workforce away at the same time. Ensuring staff are up to date with their vaccinations means that we can keep delivering our services to residents,’’ Mrs Baxendale says.

The Council will review the Vaccine Policy for staff again in May.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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