Upcoming streetscape improvements for Linwood Village

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 07, 2024 |

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Linwood Village is getting a makeover designed to bolster safety and create a more welcoming environment for the community and visitors.

This initiative, expected to be completed by mid-March, will bring enhancements to the area, including wider footpaths, dedicated cycle lanes, additional green spaces, improved lighting, and better landscaping.

Council Manager of Planning and Delivery Transport Jacob Bradbury said the project’s aim is to render Stanmore Road more accessible and enjoyable for those frequenting local shops and services.

Safety measures will be a key focus, with the introduction of new bus stops and parking bays, safe speed platforms at key points, resurfaced footpaths, and tactile paving to aid those with visual impairments.

While the work is underway, there will be some temporary changes to parking, with on-street parking on both sides of the street affected. However, pedestrian access to all local businesses will be maintained, ensuring continued patronage and minimal disruption.

The project will also require temporary traffic management measures, including stop-go traffic lights and a one-way system between Worcester and Hereford Streets. Specific traffic restrictions will be enforced, such as no left turn onto Stanmore Road from Hereford Street for eastbound traffic, and no right turn for westbound vehicles. Cyclists may have to merge with vehicular traffic in the construction zone, which will have a reduced speed limit of 30km/h.

Bradbury appeals for public and business patience during the project period, stressing the anticipated benefits.

“We’re committed to making Linwood Village a safer, more inviting place for everyone.

Work start on Monday, 12 February,

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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