Large number of dead fish in Heathcote River

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 02, 2023 |

A large number of dead fish were found in Heathcote River today.

An Environment Canterbury spokesperson said “we suspect their deaths were caused by a discharge incident but don’t yet know the source of the discharge.

Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council are investigating the incident.

“We advise that people stay away from the Heathcote River in the area of:
•Connal Street
•Cumnor Terrace
•Long Street
•Garlands Road

While we continue to investigate the source and nature of the discharge:
•No recreational activity should be carried out on or in the water in the area (e.g. kayaking, swimming);
•Do not come in contact with the water;
•Keep dogs away from the water and any affected wildlife;
•Do not eat fish from the area.”

If you have any information about the incident, please contact us on 0800 765 588.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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