Person arrested after being tracked by chopper in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 24, 2023 |

A person is in custody following a fleeing driver incident across Christchurch today.

Police were called at around 8.45am after a stolen vehicle was sighted driving erratically.

A police spokesperson said the vehicle repeatedly failed to stop for police when signalled to do so.

A short time later, after crashing into a gate, the driver came to a stop on Homecroft Court.

The driver then proceeded to steal another vehicle before fleeing the scene.

“Police did not initiate a pursuit, instead road spikes were deployed, and a helicopter was called to provide assistance.

“Following our enquiries, one person has been taken into custody in relation to the incident.

Police are now working to ascertain the extent of the offending and charges are being considered.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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