Two people rushed to hospital following crash at Motorsport Park

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 24, 2024 |

Updated: 4:54PM clarifies how crash happened.

Two people have been rushed to hospital following a crash at Euromarque Motorsport Park.

A police spokeswoman said emergency services were called to the crash in Templeton just before 3PM, where two motorcycle riders crashed.

A witness said the crash happened at the beginning of a race where a rider further back smashed into a rider who stalled his bike at the front.

“The rider who stalled his bike had his hands raised to indicate a fault on his bike and to make other riders aware, but unfortunately that must have been missed by the other rider.”

A St John spokesman said they responded with two ambulances, two rapid response vehicles and a manager.

Two patients were assessed at the scene, and both were transported to Christchurch Hospital.

One is in a critical condition, and another is in a serious condition the spokesman said.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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