Police arrest two men in Ashburton for carrying weapons

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 14, 2023 |

Police have arrested two men in relation to carrying offensive weapons in
Ashburton last night.

A 28-year-old man and a 34-year-old man are due to appear in the Christchurch
District Court today facing charges including possessing an offensive weapon
and unlawfully carrying an offensive weapon.

Further charges relating to other offending is likely.

Police stopped a vehicle, reported to be acting suspiciously, at the
intersection of Walnut Avenue and East Street at about 10pm.

Police located a number of weapons in the vehicle.

Senior Sergeant Leigh Jenkins says, “this is a good result, and I would
like to thank members of the public for supporting local police by providing
quality and timely information.

“Police are entering into dialogue with the parties involved, making
arrests and putting offenders before the court wherever necessary.”

Police remind our communities to report any suspicious behaviour to Police on
111 immediately, or 105 after the fact.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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