Ram raid believed to be linked to two other incidents in Canterbury

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 16, 2022 |

Challenge Service Station in Kirwee / photo: Google Maps.

An early morning smash and grab at a service station in Kirwee is thought to be linked to similar incidents in Canterbury overnight.

Kirwee Challenge Manager Vanessa Moore told Chris Lynch three offenders, wearing hoodies, broke a glass window and then “smashed up” the cigarette cabinet.

The incident happened at 3.40AM Monday. Moore said security footage had been handed over to police.

Witham Street Dairy in Hornby following a ram raid. Photo: Chris Lynch

A police spokeswoman said they were called about 3.50am to West Coast Road, Kirwee, after a report that a vehicle had been used in an attempt to enter commercial premises.

“The attempt was unsuccessful and police are making enquiries.”

Moore said the offenders were driving a white ute, stolen earlier in the evening.

She said “possibly one female was involved but it was hard to make out as they were all wearing hoodies and medical face masks.”

Police visited the service station this morning and Moore said they told her the same vehicle was used in a ram raid in Hornby, and in a similar incident in Lincoln overnight.

A ram-raid happened at the Witham Street Dairy in Hornby, about 5.30am.

Outside the Witham Street Dairy in Hornby. Photo: Chris Lynch

A police spokeswoman said they received a report at about 6.20 am that a door was found damaged at a Gerald Street premises in Lincoln.

She said “inquiries are in their early stages, so it is not possible yet to comment on whether the incidents are linked.”

On Friday, a vehicle smashed into a dairy on Hamill Road in Halswell around 3.30am.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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